Lupus Foundation of America Inc.

Behind every new treatment are volunteers who participate in clinical research studies.

Every advance in the understanding of a disease such as lupus—its causes, its effects on the body, the development of new drugs and treatments—is based on research.

The Lupus Foundation of America’s Center for Clinical Trials Education is the resource for people with lupus and their families who want to learn about clinical trials.

Our Center provides:

  • a comprehensive search tool for clinical trials
  • points to consider before participating in a clinical trial
  • a guide to clinical research terms
  • the latest news on lupus and clinical research
  • resources for additional information and support

According to CenterWatch, 94% of people recognize the importance of participating in clinical research in order to assist in the advancement of medical science. Yet 75% of the general public state that they have little to no knowledge about the clinical research enterprise and the participation process.

Join the Lupus Research Registry to help make new treatments for lupus a reality.